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Meredith Warshaw, M.S.S, M.A.

In The Challenge of the Highly Gifted/Special Needs Child, I discuss special issues associated with the combination of being highly gifted and having learning disabilities.

Someone on GT-Special once asked what listmembers considered the ten most crucial pieces of advice for raising a gifted/special needs child. Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Parents of Uniquely Gifted Children was my response.

Our children often get labeled as "unmotivated" or "lazy".  Motivation Problem or Hidden Disability? discusses this worrisome situation.

Sometimes there's no way to salvage a situation.  Deciding to leave can be painful and difficult.  Do I Stay or Do I Go examines this painful dilemma.

My article Sharing Useful Articles with School Personnel suggests ways to effectively get information to your child's teachers and other school staff.  And, when people have been helpful, be sure to thank them in, for the sake of Preventing Burnout in the People Who Help Us.

It can be difficult for siblings of special needs children to understand that parents are not favoring the special needs child, that he or she truly has severe learning issues, yet at the same time to know that we empathize with their frustrations.  In Siblings of Twice-Exceptional Children, I make some suggestions for dealing with these issues. 

My articles Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Children and Homeschooling Twice-Exceptional Children were written for online seminars I gave for the Davidson Institute for Talent Development

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"Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction."
       ~ Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's Teacher)

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