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User's Guide to the Uniquely Gifted Site

Welcome to Uniquely Gifted - a collection of resources for families with gifted/special needs children and professionals who work with them.  If this is your first visit, you may be finding the volume of information here a bit overwhelming.  If so, these suggestions may be helpful:

  • If you are new to the world of gifted/special needs children, you may want to start by reading some  Introductory Articles on twice-exceptional kids, as well as Personal Experiences.  Also, since special education involves lots of abbreviations and acronyms, there's a Glossary.

  • If you want to learn more about specific special needs, go to the page Information on Specific Special Needs, which has links to sites addressing a wide variety of issues.  If you are still figuring out what your child's special needs are, you may also want to visit the section on Assessment (includes information on testing and Functional Behavioral Assessments).  You may also want to visit the section on Treatment.

  • Many of us have found online support groups (email lists, bulletin boards) to be a valuable source of information and support.  You can find information on them at Online Support Groups.

  • If you are navigating the Special Education system, you will find information on SpEd law, IEPs, and advocacy in the section Advocacy/Special Education:  Getting What Your Child Needs from Schools.  If your child needs accommodations you may also want to look at the section on Assistive Technology.

  • Some issues of special concern for parents are homeschooling, residential placements, camps, and college - there's information on these areas at Especially for Parents.

  • If you are a teacher, psychologist, or other professional, there is information geared towards your needs at Especially for Professionals.  One additional area you may find helpful is the section on Assistive Technology.

  • Unfortunately, bullying is a problem for many gifted/special needs children.  There are links to information on dealing with this problem in the section on Bullying.

  • There are helpful books on specific special needs, special education, teaching special needs children, and more - you can find a selection at Useful Books.

  • Sometimes it's helpful to hear from other people who have been through this - that's why I have a section of Stories/Poetry/Personal Experiences.

  • And, because I'm from Massachusetts, I have a special section of the site with Massachusetts resources.

Last updated Friday October 06, 2006

"Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction."
       ~ Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's Teacher)

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